Import services

Importing often force a company to encounter such challenges as unknown suppliers, quality standards, logistics and financing, problems related to contracts and risk management. Ostro Business offers services to facilitate the importing process: e.g. expert services of import management that will enhance the international purchasing in your company.

Planning of import activities

We create at systematic plan for efficient management of import activities, often for achieving competitive final purchasing price that improves the sales margin of your company.

Supplier selection

We study and select new suppliers according to criteria of price, quality and cost of transportation. After that we contact the suppliers and make the required tenders.

Assistance with financing

A company may have possibilities to apply for financing from different sources like banks, financing companies and investors (e.g. Finnvera for Finnish companies). We evaluate different financing options for you and help in approaching the organisations and institutions.


Based on earlier results we negotiate with the suppliers who met the requirements, and afterwards we accomplish price comparisons and conduct final negotiations.

Contracts and risk management

An important part of the business relationship is composition of a business contract and the contract signing. It is done in cooperation with business lawyers.